Ivf stims day 4

Camprodon 4, Vic, Barcelona, Spain. Prediction of IVF outcome on the first days of ovarian stimulation has focused clinical research for many years. The aim of this work is to predict the probability of pregnancy on the fourth day of ovarian stimulation for IVF cycle, using parameters usually determined in this stage—estradiol, antral follicle count—together with parameters determined previously: FSH on the third day of cycle and women age.

Ivf one follicle after 4 days of stims- any hope? - Infertility

One hundred and ten patients with primary infertility due to a tubal factor were recruited to participate in a prospective study. FSH was determined on the third day of spontaneous cycle. Antral follicles and estradiol were measured on the fourth day of ovarian stimulation.

After oocyte pick-up, quality and quantity of oocytes and embryos and pregnancy rates were assessed. In stepwise multiple logistic regression the variables with better predictiveness over pregnancy are: antral follicles count, estradiol and woman age. On the fourth day of ovarian stimulation of IVF cycles, the variables with highest predictiveness are: antral follicle count, estradiol and women age. In IVF cycles the main priorities are to obtain a sufficient number of mature oocytes, quality embryos and finally obtain a pregnancy.

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Prediction of IVF outcome has focused clinical research for many years. Many tests have been suggested to predict the probability of pregnancy in IVF cycles, such as FSH [ 1 ] and estradiol [ 2 ] on the third day of the cycle, FSH levels after treatment with clomiphene [ 3 ], levels of inhibin A and inhibin B [ 4 ], number of ovarian antral follicles [ 56 ], antimullerian hormone [ 7 ] and the influence of women age [ 8 ].

These tests have been described to have an acceptable predictive power for IVF outcome, but reports with conflicting results have been described [ 910 ].

The majority of these tests were conducted in an isolated manner and prior to ovarian stimulation. Some papers have shown that the power of prediction of these tests increase when a combination of them is used. Few works have analysed the capacity of prediction over pregnancy of these variables when they are used jointly. The aim of this study is to predict the probabilities of pregnancy in the initial stages of IVF cycle fourth day of ovarian stimulation using parameters usually determined in this stage—estradiol and antral follicle count—together with parameters determined previously—FSH on the third day of cycle—and women age.

One hundred and ten patients under the age of 38 diagnosed of primary infertility due to a tubal factor who initiated IVF cycles between January and June were included in the study. The diagnosis of tubal obstruction was performed by hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy. All patients were in their first IVF attempt, and they could enter in the study only once. Women with history of genetic risks, pregnancy loss or with indication for preimplantation genetic diagnosis were excluded from the study.

All semen specimens were within normal values for concentration, motility and normal sperm forms.

ivf stims day 4

Patients gave an informed consent to participate in the study.Today cd 7 had scan that had one follicle at 12mm and nothing else "measurable". I continue clomid and tomorrow add ganirelix and menopur. I have been cancelled 2 x already for ivf cycles. Wondering if I should maintain hope for this cycle next scan is in 3 days on Saturday. If you are doing clomid, I assume you are doing a mini ivf.

How much clomid are you taking and what is your afc? If you are on low doses with DOR, I think you should expect only a few follicles.

One follicle at 12 mm on day 4 of stims isn't too bad in my opinion. Few others may pop up in next few days. If you have to do this again, you may want to ask your doctor what he thinks of a high dose kick start with follistim. DOR sucks big time. I am sorry.

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Did they say they think it's a dominant follicle? That's happen to me when there was only one early on. In my opinion, going through treatment with DOR, you expect to get only a few.

So it's important to make sure you're with a doctor whose willing to go in for whatever you have; even if is just one. With that said, it all depends on if your IVF cycles are covered. So I always felt even with a low response still go in for whatever I have because i have four covered cycles. My doctor didn't necessarily agree but that's because it would effect their success rates.

For DOR patients, it's difficult to find that one golden egg :. I started doing heat on my abdomen last night- maybe that will help. My first cycle I had 4 follicles but one was 22 and the next he said it would only be one mature follicle and cancelled. Maybe I can try HGH next time. I hope this helps. I was told by 2 specialists there was no hope and not to waste money on IVF.

But we couldn't give up hope so we have just had a short cycle of IVF in October and we got one egg. I am now 8 weeks pregnant. It only takes one egg. So there is hope.Does anyone know what the average estrogen level on day 4 of stims have not taken todays shots yet?

ivf stims day 4

I had the opposite problem. Mine was around - if I remember correctly they said it should be around on day 4 so you're not too far off. Good luck. TTC A Sibling Beta Christmas Eve Please Santa, bring me a baby! Beta 1 Beta Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry. Getting Pregnant. Sign up for The Bump! Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Start by selecting which of these best describes you!

Infertility New Discussion. July in Infertility. Mine was Does that seem low? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: Estrogen level on day 4 of stims. Gregermis member. July I think mine was 82ish, maybe lower?

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And they bumped my Gonal F from to because of that. Beta, !! Tons of love and hugs to my IF sister NMscubagirl.The doctor said I had a good lining but only 3 follicles on the left and 2 on the right. She had trouble finding the right ovary and even then I had to push down on that part of my belly for her to see it. When the nurse called later that day she said to increase dosages of Gonal-F. I then told her about my day 1 on the stims. After doing the morning and evening shots, I realized the pen had not used as much medicine as it should have.

It was reading so much higher than it should. I emailed my own nurse Wednesday night describing my error but she never emailed me back. They expect to see 7 to I must say, I have not felt any different taking the stims.

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I was more whacko in the days leading up to injections than I am now. And that may have been because I had my period for the first time in 10 weeks. If anything I feel emotionless. Yes, disappointed in only 5 follicles.

Ivf one follicle after 4 days of stims- any hope? - Infertility

But I made some mistakes on day one, and this is the way my body is responding. I go in tomorrow for the day 6 appointment. At some point my nurse can try to guess when we will do the trigger shot and egg retrieval. I am hoping egg retrieval is Monday or Tuesday of next week. On the plus side, starting yesterday I have been eating so much better. Sugar is such a drug for me. I went back to no gluten, no dairy, no sugar. Feeling so much healthier. Trying to drink lots of water.

And since being on the stims I have been sleeping well.I had a very busy schedule during that phase. Regardless of the schedule, I tried to do as much as I could to support what my body was going through.

Below is a list of a few things I implemented during this phase. I also wanted to give you guys a run down of the day by day symptoms that I experienced. But, I do find it helpful to generally know what to expect and what others went through. So, below is what I recorded each day for symptoms. Two injections total. One was Gonal-F at Almost immediately I had headaches. The Menopur burned a lot today. I recommend doing them in your abdomen especially if you have some fat there.

So weird. I also experienced a burning sensation in both of them. Feeling pretty strong, though. I slept like a rock last night! All day headaches, but lots of energy and hope. My schedule has been super busy all week so that may be some of it.

ivf stims day 4

As always, I had headaches all daaaayy. Also, some cramping and feeling like the bloating is coming. The injections themselves are remaining pain-free, thankfully. But, I am having a lot of symptoms today.

Starting to feel a bit more bloated although my pants are still fitting the same. It was, also, our first ultrasound day after beginning the stims. Eggs are looking great and measuring between mm. Doc thinks another 5 days of stims are on tap for sure. No dosage increases but wants to start the Cetrotide on Saturday. Please just let me sleep in… till like tomorrow morning. Cramps, headaches, slight bloating. By the end of the day, I felt my abdomen getting tighter.

Lots of cramps, burning, and a headache. Today was the first day that I felt a definitive need to lay off of anything physical.

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My abdomen was sore, swollen and just slight movements made it feel jostled. Seriously, when I walked I felt my ovaries moving around. At least seemingly so. I happened to be on my feet for most of the morning and I definitely felt the ramifications of the activity. Another thing I noticed was that any form of abdominal usage was painful.Hi All, just wondering what everyone's follicle count was on day 4 of stims?

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I had an appointment yesterday and only had 6 follicles between mm. Then a couple smaller ones. So disappointed! I have low amh, but am young and was hoping I would respond better to the stims. Dr has upped my dose of gonal f, but if iu didn't do the job, I'm not sure how iu will :. Comments from original poster 2 Comments from original poster 2 Load more Comment advertisement Comments 5 BabyCentre may earn a commission from shopping links.

I've been on between dose for every cycle and not been seen till day 8 at the earliest. Cycle 2 I was responding very slowly at day 10 so they upped my stims from to and that did the job nicely and resulted in my son. Please don't worry yet xxx. I know I should stress about it, but that's just my personality!

I've just read so many stories of people getting 20 follicles that result in only a couple blasts. I'm really hoping to get a couple blasts to freeze as this is our only funded cycle. Just got to let go and let God. I've done all I can do at this point. You just don't know what's going to happen. My first 3 cycles I got roughly a dozen follicles, fertilised, made it to day 5.

Last cycle 7 follicles, 3 fertilised, all made it to blastocyst. Best of luck x. I had my first scan day 6 and my numbers were similar to yours. They upped my dose I can't remember what, sorry and I had more follicles on day 10, then they retrieved 13 eggs a few days later. Don't give up, I remember being really worried when they had to up my dose, what did it mean etc, but it's quite normal. Is this your first cycle?

They tailor the process as you go along xxxx. This cycle I did 4 days of gonal F at iu, then last night switched to IU.We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience.

ivf stims day 4

If you feel a message or content violates these standards and would like to request its removal please submit the following information and our moderating team will respond shortly. For those of you who have done IVF before, how long did it take for your follicles to hit the 18mm mark? They say it can take up to 14 days so maybe I just need another 10 more? At least they're all the same size so one hasn't become dominant.

Could really use the encouragement IVF is basically our only shot at this point. I turn 39 in January and after a year of IUI attempts I only got a usable egg 3 times, none of which resulted in a pregnancy.

I know I'm a poor responder to meds but still hoping I can pull this off! Don't worry, you just need more time. My first ultrasound all my follicles were pretty small and only had three that looked like they may get big enough to produce mature eggs.

By the time of the retrieval they took 20 mature eggs. Good luck! Your story is encouraging for those of us with slow growers!! Did you test your estradiol level along with the ultrasound? If so, I'm curious if your estradiol level was under ml on that day as well? Sending much love and thanks! It was cd6. I can't remember what my estradiol was but I am pretty sure it was low at that point.

IVF Stims Days 4 & 5 - IVF Journey 2019

By my next scan which I believe was 2 or 3 days later lots more popped up and estradiol rose quite significantly. Good luck on your next scan! Sounds like you just need more time. Your doctor may also increase the dosage of the meds your on to help things along.

I was on iu menopur and it took me 17 days for my follicles to get mature enough. They retrieved Don't lose hope yet!! Good luck. Now there are 13 - two are a bit bigger but they have started me now on Cetrotide so I don't ovulate too soon and hopefully the others can catch up they range from 10mm to 15mm.

Keep the faith! My friend who is 47 is now 25 weeks pregnant. It CAN happen! I am so sorry for the heartbreak you have been through to get to this point. I had 1 unsuccessful IVF using own eggs approximately 2 months ago. So we took a chance and only transferred 1 baby girl FET Which brings me to my current cycle, which is my 2nd round of IVF It's been quite the journey thus far I have to say that I'm definitely looking forward to reaching our final destination Yes it was a long 17 days.

Especially after day I was going up to the clinic every other day for scans and labs, then everyday as we got closer.

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