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You need to know how to list publications on a resume. But what about education?

List of The New 52 publications

See our guides:. Pro Tip: Article accepted but not published? Then leave off the issue number. Are you writing an academic resume or CV?

Add research to your resume after your experience and education sections. With less experience, list everything. What else should you include in a resume besides your publications?

Still have questions about how to put publications on a resume? Got a slightly different question about CV publications? Give us a shout in the comments.

How to List Publications on a Resume or CV [Guidelines & Tips]

The best resume templates aren't simply about fancy looks. They need to be sleek, but professional. Their layout needs to show off your value.

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Here's what will help. An employment gap is a period of time months of years when a job seeker didn't have a job. While out of work, employees use their time to have children, travel or go to school full time. We did. Here are the best of the best. To learn more visit our Privacy Policy Got it! Should I include publications on my resume? Of course you should. This guide will show you: How to list publications on a resume with clear examples.

list of publications

How to cite CV publications. How to put research on a resume. Where to put publications on a resume to get noticed. Knowing how to put publications on a resume can help. Include each publication in a new bullet point.He worked up to the status of Sergeant while he was in the Air Force and served as an aircraft mechanic as well as a flight engineer working in various capacities for air transport services. Upon being discharged from the military he worked as a copywriter and then took a position with two ad agencies where he was the creative director.

During his time with the ad agencies, Cussler wrote and produced numerous television and radio commercials which won several international awards. One of these awards was given at the prominent Cannes Film Festival. InCussler began working on his first Dirk Pitt novel and published it in the year He released The Sea Hunters, his first non fiction work, was published in This was highly unusual since the college had not bestowed such a degree since its founding in Because of his background he created his most remembered character, Dirk Pitt who was a marine engineer, adventurer and government agent.

His first couple of novels were basic maritime thrillers but when he wrote the third, it set the precedent for years to come. Cussler had found his niche as he began crafting the type of novel he would be noted for. His novels are known for the perfect blend of high technology and high adventure and usually involved sunken treasures, lost ships, beautiful women and stereotypical maniac villains.

He based many of his novels by looking at things from a historical perspective and considered things like if Atlantis was actually real or what if Lincoln was not assassinated, but kidnapped instead?

He has had more than 17 of his written works make the best-seller list for the New York Times. The organization is dedicated to discovering and sharing both maritime and naval history. Cussler and an entire crew of marine experts along with numerous NUMA volunteers have been able to discover more than 60 underwater wreck sites which have historical significance. Once they verified these finds, the artifacts were handed over to various government entities, universities and non profit organizations around the globe.

Cussler is also known as an avid collector of classic automobiles. He houses these beauties in Golden, Colorado and divides his time between the desert of Arizona and mountains of Colorado. Cussler has written books which have been published in over 40 different languages and in over countries.

His fan base is comprised of over 90 million crazed fans. His books are divided and organized into various types and by series. Here are the books and series written by Cussler:. Cussler has had several books which have been displayed on the big screen. The first film that was made from a Cussler book was his hit novel,Raise the Titanic!. Paramount Pictures also made a movie from his work, Sahara which was released in Dirk is portrayed as an adventurer who seizes any opportunity he has of saving the day.

The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon, who I feel are the best online retailer for books where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. He is preparing to hand the Reacher series over to his brother and the two are writing this novel together to ease the transition. Will Reacher jump the shark?

Or will he beat up the shark and its 6 friends, all while saying nothing?You must be logged in to post a comment. Life Saving Victoria. Menu logo. Boating Matthews, B. Boating safety for kids evaluation report pp.

Life Saving Victoria: Melbourne. Matthews, B. PDF Matthews, B. PDF Drowning Reports. Bush Nippers: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the Nippers program in a regional setting. Bush Nippers: An evaluation of the effectiveness of the current Nippers program and the potential for application in a regional inland and pool setting. Virtual reality water safety education through Google Expeditions.

Life Saving Victoria : Melbourne, Australia. PDF StrugnellG. Birch, R.

List of DC Comics publications (A–B)

PDF Birch, R. Andronaco, R. Examining the geographical variation of discrete and aggregate drowning events using Ambulance Victoria attended cases. Epidemiology of fatal and non-fatal drowning patients attended by paramedics in Victoria, Australia. Strugnell, G. Inland waterways drowning prevention project: A month observational study of urban waterway users in two Australian states. Review of a national water safety and drowning prevention model three years on: A Sri Lankan case study.

Water Safety Strategy. A cross country analysis of drowning in Sri Lanka: to and The burden of drowning in Sri Lanka: to and Jayawardena, M. Drowning Prevention Report Sri Lanka. Drowning prevention in culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Injury Prevention18 Suppl.

Older Adults Birch, R.

list of publications

Evaluation of the Open Water Grey Medallion program: A beach safety education program for older adults. SwimSafe in the Pool: Communication with vulnerable swimmers at public pools — Stage 3.Contact Us. Public Draft: Documents have been posted as Public Drafts, typically with a public comment period.

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Withdrawn: Documents that have been withdrawn, and are no longer current. This includes: - Final publications that have been withdrawn; - Public drafts that have been obsoleted by a subsequent draft or final publication; - Public drafts that have been retired—further development was discontinued.

Advanced Search. You are viewing this page in an unauthorized frame window. Search Search. Journal Articles Conference Papers Books. Technologies Sectors. Does not include "Withdrawn" documents. Includes current Final and Draft SP pubs. Includes current Final and Draft papers. Books: NIST-authored books, book sections, and encyclopedia entries related to cybersecurity and privacy. Search Search publication record data not a full text search.

Results View Brief Summary. Items Per Page 25 50 75 All. Status Final Public Draft Withdrawn. Control Family Please fix the following:. Search Reset. Search Results Search Search publication record data not a full text search. Showing matching records.

list of publications

Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure. Zero Trust Architecture. SP Zero Trust Architecture. Attribute Considerations for Access Control Systems. Security Strategies for Microservices-based Application Systems. Platform Firmware Resiliency Guidelines. Application Container Security Guide. De-Identifying Government Datasets 2nd Draft. Guide to LTE Security. Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery. Networks of 'Things'. SP Networks of 'Things'. Computer Security Division Annual Report.

SP Rev. Download: SP Rev. Guide to Securing Apple macOS Download: Draft SP Rev. Trustworthy Email.In SeptemberDC Comics relaunched their entire line of publications, dubbing the new publishing initiative as The New The initiative consisted of a new imprint of titles, all labeled with "The New 52" logo, as well as creating a rebooted DC Universe post-" Flashpoint " that saw characters from the former WildStorm and Vertigo imprints being absorbed into the main DC Comics line.

In Junefollowing the conclusion of the Convergence miniseries, "The New 52" branding and imprint were discontinued, although the continuity continued to exist under a new initiative, "DC You".

list of publications

Gotham Academy: Second Semester was the final title to release from the New 52, with the final issue releasing in August An additional Earth-2 title was announced to replace Earth Societybut release info has yet to be revealed. DC released a total of ongoing titles during The New To expand The New 52 universe, DC has also released 34 one-shots, 32 miniseries and four maxiseries, with one ongoing series planned. One ongoing series was planned but did not release before Rebirth took effect in June Additionally, another ongoing series was planned but cancelled, with its concepts merged into another title.

The ongoing titles under The New 52 imprint were organized under seven different "families," grouping similar characters or themes within the books together. However, by the release of the October solicitations, DC was no longer grouping the titles by these families, instead releasing one larger solicit, titled "The New 52 Group". From September until JuneDC released 93 ongoing titles under the imprint across multiple "wave" releases, and to expand The New 52 universe, also released 21 one-shots, 17 miniseries and three maxiseries.

DC used the "wave" format of introducing new titles, which occasionally corresponded with titles being canceled, to "constantly refresh the line". In Februaryit was revealed that after the Convergence miniseries in JuneDC would no longer use the "New 52" name to brand their books; however the continuity established in September would continue. Dan DiDio stated, "In this new era of storytelling, story will trump continuity as we continue to empower creators to tell the best stories".

We'll have a core line of about 25 books that will have that internal consistency, that will consist of our best-selling books. But then the rest of the line, about 24 titles, will be allowed to really shake things up a little bit. The initiative, which began in DC's print and digital comics on May 20, before transitioning to other digital content on June 3, was featured on print inserts and ads, as well as on the DC Comics website and across social media with a special hashtag.

In FebruaryDC Comics announced its Rebirth initiative, a line-wide relaunch of its titles to begin in June Along with a number of existing New 52 titles relaunching with new 1s and the cancellation of others, DC planned to reintroduced many of the familiar concepts for characters, such as legacy, from the pre-Flashpoint continuity that had been lost with the New 52, by creating a new DC Universe that built "on everything that's been published since Action Comics 1 up thru The New Since the "relaunch", DC has released an additional 18 ongoing series, as well as 15 miniseries, 13 one-shots, and one maxiseries, with one ongoing series planned.

These titles were published before Convergence and continued their previous numbering, as opposed to being renumbered or relaunched in June The final issue was originally solicited to release in Augustalong with an annual. After the resolict, DC once again cancelled issues 11, 12 and the annual in August[36] with the series concluding with issue 10 in November Mystik Uwritten by Alisa Kwitney with art from Mauricet, would have focused on a college for magic people, featuring Rose Psychic and Cain and Abel.

Kwitney original stated the title would debut in October[42] but it was not released before Rebirth took effect in June The title was eventually solicited in August for a November release as a "prestige-format limited series" outside DC Rebirth continuity. In MayDC released eight-page original stories for free in the monthly titles of "Convergence" as well as on DC's website and other digital distributors such as comiXology. The stories provided a sampling of the new titles launching in June as a way to generate excitement for the titles and for readers to "get a chance to read these books, see the different styles of art, read the different types of stories, see how [DC] plan[s] to interpret [their] characters in a new way".

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Main article: List of The New 52 imprint publications. USA Today. Retrieved December 28, Publishers Weekly. Retrieved January 15, DC Comics. Retrieved June 17, Archived from the original on June 10, When applying for a job in a scientific or an academic field, it is important to show examples of your knowledge and accomplishments.

One way to do this is by listing your publications on your resume or curriculum vitae CV. This list allows a potential employer to easily find a record of your published research.

In this article, we describe how to clearly list publications on a resume or CV. A curriculum vitae is a list of your education, experience and qualifications that you send in with a job application.

It is essentially a summary of your career. People use CVs instead of resumes when applying for jobs in academic, scientific or medical fields.

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A CV might include your:. A curriculum vitae is usually longer than a resume. It might be two to three pages instead of one. If you are applying for a nonscientific job that does not require you to have published work, but you have publications that set you apart from other candidates, you can list those on a resume instead of a CV.

It is important to list publications on your CV to prove that you have experience and knowledge in a particular area. Showing your knowledge and skills through your publications is important when you are applying for a scientific or an academic job such as a:. Your CV is the best place to list your publications because it allows a potential employer to have all your experiences and accomplishments in one place. Include on your curriculum vitae any authoritative work you have had published or is about to be published.

Publications are typically peer-reviewed, meaning experts on the topic have assessed the article before it is published to make sure it is accurate and of good quality. This can include:. Avoid listing blogs, websites or articles published in magazines or nonscientific publications. These details allow a potential employer to understand the topic quickly and find the publication if needed. Here are some accepted ways to format your list of publications on a CV:.

Format your list. However, most CVs include an extra page for publications. Choose a citation style and use it consistently. However, humanities fields such as philosophy, history and language often follow MLA style, while science and engineering fields typically follow APA style.

Use reverse chronological order. Leave outdated publications off the list. It is acceptable to omit publications that are no longer useful or relevant to your job or field. Include pending work. Put publications that are still being reviewed for acceptance into a journal in italics and leave out the name of the journal you have submitted them to.

Draw attention to your byline. If your publication has co-authors, include their names, but place yours in bold. If you want to list publications on a resume, you can take a simpler approach:. Create a dedicated section. List each publication as its own bullet point, starting with the most recently published. Choose only the most recent and relevant publications to avoid taking up valuable space on your resume. Style your list.

Follow these templates for listing publications on a CV based on style and publication type:. Last name, First initial. Middle initial. Year of publication.DC Comics is one of the largest comic book publishers in North America. DC has published comic books under a number of different imprints and corporate names.

The list does not include collected editions; trade paperbacks; digital comics; free, promotional giveaways; or magazines, nor does it include series from imprints mainly publishing titles that are separate from the DC Universe continuity, such as Vertigo or WildStorm ; series published under those imprints that are related to the DC Universe continuity are noted, but not listed.

While generally the most recognizable name of a comic is printed on the cover, the cover title can be changed for a number of reasons. The official name, however, is found in the indicia, in small print inside the comics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from List of DC Comics publications. Retrieved Motion Picture". Archived from the original on DC Comics. DC Entertainment. List of DC Comics imprints publications. WildStorm Productions E. Films Novels Television series Video games Unproduced.

Bruns National v. Fawcett Warner v. Category Book. Categories : Lists of comics by DC Comics. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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