Wow low fps 1080ti

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Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Toffees Start date May 1, Toffees New Member. Joined May 1, Messages 3 0. I'm struggling with frame rates in World of Warcraft when raiding. I'm also getting an annoying stuttering which doesn't appear to be fps related, but is incredibly frustrating for me.

I've attached my GPU-Z log from last nights raid and was hoping some of you experts could cast your eye over it to see if the card is acting strange.

I cant see anything myself and nearly all the perfcap reasons are related to 'safe' things according to this thread. I would be hugely grateful if the graphics card community can put my mind at peace re the GPU at least so I can try to home in on what could be the reason.

Joined Feb 19, Messages 6, 1. I'm NOT downloading your file but do you have maybe malewarbytes running fulltime?

WoW Patch 8.2 Mechagon & Nazjatar Perfomance Check - i7 8700k 1080Ti - Ultra Settings 10/10 2k

My rig stutters from that app, when I turn it off for gaming no stutter. Last edited: May 1, Joined Oct 22, Messages 7, 3. A screenshot of your Nvidia control panel settings may be helpful too, as well as listing all your specs in your profile. Thanks for responding. I'm not using malware bytes or any other anti-malware system other than Windows 10 Defender. My power management mode is set to Max Performance pic below plus I've ensured I've not got a program specific profile set for it either.

The zipped data is purely to show that at no time am I being GPU blocked. Joined Mar 13, Messages 4, 2. This may not help but I ran across a game Crysis 2 that Defender would not allow me to play at all. I got some pop up but I don't remember what it was but I turned off Real Time Protection while playing it and never had another problem with the game. Joined Feb 17, Messages 0.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

wow low fps 1080ti

Store Page. Global Achievements. Temps are fine too. Just wondering if anyone else is having these issues. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Ancient View Profile View Posts. Try deleting settings. Feel free to back it up in case deleting doesn't help. Game is unoptimised, I get drops from smoke as in like, minigun bullets, big shootouts in the desert and even helicopter landings sometimes with a on ultra settings, the grass is also massively resource intensive, so turn that down to high and it should run better i'm not sure about reflections tbh.

Last edited by uno reverse ; 21 May, pm. Medusa View Profile View Posts. The game is rather CPU bound on such a card at p I am not saying your system is bottlenecked, but this game engine has a bottleneck with your system.

What area's do you get lower fps btw?

wow low fps 1080ti

And how low does it go? Hmm I'm not sure I turned down grass and shadows and I also installed the new Nvidia drivers today and it seems to run actually a little worse. I don't know, it's gotta be on my end somewhere I'll have to look into it.

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GTX 1080Ti low usage, low FPS on 1080p 120hz monitor, why? please help

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Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. Attached Image s. Omnipotent Enthusiast. Could you do something more standard like a 3DMark run? I supposed I could search the net for other examples with your hardware I'm retired and don't work for free. Your relatively older processor is going to hold back the Ti, especially if you're running your CPU at stock clocks. Have you considered a better CPU cooler? Not sure what info it is that you're wanting, I've only ever used 3DMark like twice in my life.

Superclocked Member. Insert Custom Title Here. I don't know why people continue to believe that increasing GPU load in a CPU bottleneck situation will increase performance.

The CPU isn't going to magically start performing better. That defeats the purpose. Working towards an even load between the two is a good thing -- strike a balance -- but sometimes one of the two isn't up to the task; and you can't fix that by making the other work harder. FTW Member. Even though it is CPU bottle necked I have to ask - is v-sync on? Also, what case are you using?Menu Menu.

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wow low fps 1080ti

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What's new. New posts Latest activity. Is my Ti enough to meet my expectations in WoW. Thread starter Archer27 Start date Jan 2, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware and Technology Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Archer27 Junior Member. Jun 30, 19 4 Hey all, Before I renew my WoW subscription I would like to make sure the game will run smoothly on my system and meet my expectations.

The card was always maxxed out even without antialiasing and some settings turned down and it just got unbearable as I want a constant 60 fps with all settings dialed up with little to no fps drops. Is the card enough to meet my 4K 60 fps ultra exceptions on an old engine like WoW has? Apr 1, 5, While 4K probably pushed yourand the ti would likely be enough the vast majority of the time, the game will still be CPU bound in a lot of situations, like in town and in raids.

Reactions: VirtualLarry. Aug 9, www.Categories Discussions. September 27, PM edited September I have a ti as well. I'm at 4k and play at a locked 60fps. I do use v-sync, and future frame rendering is on. I am also using dx11 and I do have to put some settings on med or low. Most are on high. I cannot play on Ultra and get At p, you should easily get 60 locked if not more. I sometimes think Nvidia does this on purpose so that we buy their newest cards.

Not sure though. I do use Shadowplay as well. Do you run a Gigabyte motherboard? Uninstall them both. Even if they aren't actively running, they run in the background and absolutely kill performance. September 27, PM.

GTX 1080 Low FPS?

Disable Vsync. No maybe notI went back a few revisions and it didn't help. September 28, AM. In game settings or in nVidia control panel? September 28, AM edited September HiI'm using a ti with a i7 k and am running around the 90 - fps mark with all graphics settings on ultra.Before this upgrade I had a k and I would get over 90 FPS in the same area with the same settings. I have checked every possible setting, my drivers are up to date and I have a fresh Windows 10 installation, so no weird applications that are running in background.

So what would be the problem? Do I need to tweak some settings? I think there is a software limitation of some kind here …. You can also record sensors in HWInfo and then go through them to see if any has odd values.

I also used the repair tool because I thought some settings were altered somehow. Nothing seems to fix this issue. And of course FPS limit is disabled. Reinstall the whole system, without using the current one. Microsoft has a tool that can make a Windows installation flash drive. Technical Support.

Softnuckles-draenor May 30,am 1. Bigkeg-twisting-nether Bigkeg May 30,am 2. Temperature spike? Maybe an addon? Also which quality setting are you using? Softnuckles-draenor May 30,am 3. Bigkeg-twisting-nether Bigkeg May 30,am 4. Lichtbrinker-draenor May 30,pm 5. Bigkeg-twisting-nether Bigkeg May 30,pm 6. Juliya-draenor May 31,am 7. Softnuckles-draenor June 28,am 8. EDIT: fixed along with 8.About a year ago, I played quite a bit of KCD, had good fun, and importantly, good performance. The performance is still poor.

At high-v. You chaps have any idea what might be causing this abysmal performance? Already tried completely reinstalling my gfx drivers. Also tried deleting the config files, in case it was some tweak or setting there causing the issue. Also tried moving the game to my SSD. I took it out, put it back in, made doubly sure it was seated properly, and my problem was resolved. It maybe be some other program or software. Did you install anything since that first time when you had 60 fps?

Or did you upgrade hardware since?

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Maybe mods rewrote some of your settings that are by default now. I think game runs even better now than when I played in May last year. I also use i7 with GTX By the way, full screen might be better option than borderless windowed. I installed quite a lot of software probably, in the last year, but nothing which would have this effect I should think.

For a RPG 35 fps is not bad. I can live very good with I like slow gameplay games where the goal is to get immersed and not a high score. And 30 FPS is noticably laggy to me, I find it quite jarring and immersion-breaking. Even on low settings, at 50 fps. As I expected, not even slightly.

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